Entry Visa to Korea

Individual participant is expected to obtain his/her visa for travel to Korea. We will provide a letter of invitation upon request. If you need visa to be issued, you are advised to start preparing documents ASAP (now!).

Those who request an official invitation letter with may specify

for fast processing. Invitees are encouraged to contact local Korean consular offices regarding their visa. Please visit the home page of Immigration Bureau to find out more information, or you are advised to consult the nearest Korean Consulate for details. If you need further assistance, please contact td2010@hep.korea.ac.kr.

Incheon International Airport:

The final destination of your air travel is most likely Incheon International Airport (airport code is ICN). See below if your final destination is Gimpo Int'l Airport. There are reasonably many direct flights from Japan, China, US, and Europe to ICN. Please consult with your travel agency for detailed information.

On arrival at ICN you will have to claim your luggage and go through the immigration service and custom clearance.

From the Incheon International Airport to Korea University/Hotel:

The Incheon International Airport, in the city of Incheon, is the biggest and main international airport in Korea. It is an about 60-minutes car ride to Korea University. It costs you about US $40 for regular taxi and US$60 for deluxe taxi (the-black-taxi). For more information on transportation from the airport to downtown Seoul, please visit web site, Incheon International Airport. All fares are payable KRW only.

Taxi fares from Incheon International Airport to Korea University are quite expensive. We recommend taking the Limousine Bus from the airport and transferring to a taxi or subway (line 6) at a bus stop near the university. Or you can also use the Airport Railroad from the airport and transfer to Seoul subway. (Please refer Airport Railroad(Line Map) and Seoul subway line map.

Please refer to the following list of possible transportation routes to Korea University.

Incheon Airport Limousine shuttle bus

You are advised to find a bus stop ,"3B" or "10A" in front of the entrance to Incheon International Airport. The limousine, bound for "Dobong(Seongdong)" line , will take you to Korea University (not the final stop! Please see below).

A zoomed view of the exact location of the bus stop is also seen from the below figure. The stop with the orange is "to airport" station and with the blue is "to city" station. Once you arrive to the bus stop, you can use the I-house map (the last bullet on the left menu item) to find out where to go.

If you stay in i-house and want to directly go to the i-house, Korea University is the stop that you want to get off. For those who stay in Holiday Inn, the next to the Korea University stop is the one you would get off from the bus. The fare of limousine is approximately KRW 13,000 wons. Get off at the Korea University stop. The on-campus lodging (i-house) and the meeting place is both 25 minutes walking distance from the stop. If you stay in Holiday Inn, you can take a taxi from the stop and it will cost approximately KRW 2,500 wons.

Taxi from Incheon Airport

Taxi fares from Incheon International Airport to Korea University are quite expensive. Nevertheless, it may be most convenient for some of you. Please refer here for details. Also refer this (pdf).

From Gimpo International Airport to Korea University/Hotel

Some of your final air travel may be Gimpo International Airport. It is located in Seoul and in fact closer to the meeting site. You can use the public subway system in order to reach Korea University. From the aiport, please take the subway line 5 from Gimpo Int'l Airport stop. and transfer to the subway line 6 at Cheonggu station. Your final stop is Anam station if you come to the meeting place directly. The subway fare is KRW 1,100 wons. If you want to go to i-house, the stop you want to get off is Korea University station which is the next stop from Anam station (The distance from the i-house to both stations are almost same so in fact it does not matter to much). If you stay in Holiday Inn, you may want to take a taxi from the Korea University station and it will cost you approximately KRW 2,500 wons. The guided map from the Gimpo Int'l Airport to Anam station can be found below.

The entire map of the Seoul subway system can be found from here.

You can also take a taxi from Gimpo International Airport. We expect US $30 for regular taxi and US $50 for delux taxi (the-black-taxi).

There is an independent transportation guide from Holidays Inn web page also for your reference (English -> About Us -> Location).


Seoul has a oceanic climate with four distinct seasons. It is relatively cold (colder than in KEK), and the average temperature is a low of -3 C and a high of 3 C in January. It may snow in January. A realtime weather forecast from Korean Meteorological Office is available.