On-campus restaurants

You have choice of BurgerKing in the ground floor of Hana Square, Faculty dinning rounge in Science library building, a dinning rounge in San-Hak Gwan. You will spend 3,500 won for lunch (except BurgerKing). Breakfast is available only at BurgerKing. For those who stay in i-house and Holiday Inn, breakfast is available there.

Off-campus restaurants

On the street "Cham-sa-ri", you will find various attractions including Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Tai, American, and of course Korean. Not randomly selected ones are listed below. These are selected by very picky (in food) local undergraduate students of KU.

Click the names to see the pictures.

  1. BIYA (Korean) : Price middle. Hot stew with kimchi, vegetables and various sausages in it.
  2. PyeonChang SutBul Galbi (Korean) : Price high for meat. Roast meat.
  3. The C (Chinese) : Price high. Very delicious though.
  4. Viking (Japanese) : Price high. Tuna shushi.
  5. Mr. Wang (Chinese) : Price middle.
  6. YongUDong (Japanese and Korean) : Cheap.
  7. SuKaYA (Japanese) : Price middle. Japanese pork cutlet.
  8. McDonald's (American) : No need to explain.
  9. SinPo ManDu (Korean dumplings) : Cheap.


click the names to see the picture.
  1. Bubble II(Western bar).
  2. GiGiMi(fusion bar).
  3. ToSokJuMak MakGuLiJib( Mak-Gul-Li , the rice wine).
  4. Fish and Grill(fusion bar).
  5. HanJanUiChuWok ( Mak-Gul-Li , the rice wine).
  6. IZAKAYA shoubu(Japanese bar).
  7. ODeng bar(Japanese).
  8. BAR PUNMPKIN(Westren bar).
  9. MaenBal(Korean traditional pub with all kinds of Korean alcohols).
  10. Samsung Chicken (draft beer)