Jan 22 2010

TV Conference Information

Polycom: Dial# 30111 by connecting KEK MCU
EVO: Belle - TRG/DAQ Workshop in Korea University (password: Please refer Belle and Belle II mail)

Wireless provide

SSID: td2010
Password: Please refer Belle and Belle II mail

Jan 20 2010

Information related to the workshop:
1) According to Itoh-san, BBQ fee will be covered by him. (Great!) So
you do not have to pay.

2) How much cash I have to carry?

It depends - please add following items accordingly:

- i-House: # of nights * 60,000 won
- lunch/dinner: 5,000 - 10000 won (per meal)
- Bus from Incheon airport to Korea University (one-way): 13,000 won
- Subway from Incheon airport to Korea University (on-way): ~5,000 won
- Taxi from Incheon airport to Korea University: ~60,000 won
(including toll fee)

3) I want to take taxi from airport directly to i-House. Do taxi
drivers understand English?

We prepared a pdf file that explains driving direction. You can find
from (both announcements and travel
section). There is "international taxi" and they understand English.
The price is flat over some quantized regions in Seoul.

4) Confirmation for accommodation

We've upload the list of participants who are supposed to stay i-House
on our website ( - see announcements
section. All participants' reservation s on the list has been
confirmed. Some room numbers are not fixed yet and we'll update it as
soon as possible.

CJ International House (i-House) Reservation Status

Please refer "How to access CJ International House" for your information.
If you want to use taxi from the airport, please refer this (pdf)

NameInstituteStatusStayRoom No.
Gary VarnerUniversity of HawaiiConfirmedJan 24-27 2010201
Chung-Hsiang WangNational United UniversityConfirmedJan 24-27 2010205
Yu-Sheng TengNational United UniversityConfirmedJan 24-27 2010206
Zhen-An LiuIHEPConfirmedJan 24-27 2010209
Takeo HiguchiKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010303
Ryosuke ItohKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010304
Mikihiko NakaoKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010305
Yoshihito IwasakiKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010307
Shohei NishidaKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010308
Isamu NakamuraKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010311
Yukata UshirodaKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010312
Nobu KatayamaKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010401
Sumisawa KazutakaKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010402
Youichi IgarashiKEKConfirmedJan 24-27 2010404
Matthew AndrewUniversity of HawaiiConfirmedJan 24-27 2010405
Sun DehuiIHEPConfirmedJan 24-28 2010406

Dec 24 2009

Emergency Call in Korea: In case of emergency while you are in Korea, you can reach us 24 hours per day.

Dec 1 2009

Webpage of Trigger/DAQ Workshop in Korea University is available. Please register if you plan to attend. Please note that the accommodation reservation has to be made by December 11 2009 for the most convenient place (i-House on campus).