CJ International House (on campus)

We recommand you stay in on-campus international house, called I-House. It is a newly built, very nice on-campus house for foreign people who stay for on-campus activities. The room type of "CJ International House - Studio" will be served for accommodation.

Note that the payment has to be made in advance

(I'll pay all of them in advance)

So, please prepare accordingly and pay at the meeting site, not at the "I-House".

Personal check can in principle be accepted but with the small charge. (I experienced that korean banks charge for cashfying foreign checks).

Room Rates

I-House Studio (Single) : KRF 60,000 wons per night
Please refer "How to access CJ International House"

Holiday Inn Seongbuk (off campus)

If you want to stay ourside of the campus, Holiday Inn may be your choice. It is located 5 km away from Korea University. For those who wish to stay here, please book yourself by visiting Holiday Inn yourself. We will not communicate with the Hotel directly. They offer on-line reservation through their web page.
Tel : +82-2-929-2000 Fax : +82-2-929-0204

Room Rates (in US dollar, excluding service charge(10%) and tax(10%))

                          Full Rate            Internet Rate
Deluxe Double              $194.00                $160.00        
Deluxe Twin                $194.00                $160.00        
Deluxe Ondol               $194.00                $160.00        
Business Double            $210.00                $180.00        
Business Twin              $250.00                $200.00        
Corner Junior Suite	   $330.00		  $250.00